Spring is coming… it is, it really is!!!! I don’t know about you but I have suffered some serious winter fatigue! It’s been crazy snow and crazy cold. I am looking forward to the days of letting my hair down and out. The magical time of a few more puffs and wash-n-gos. *sigh* 8-)

With that season comes a couple things in my spray bottles. The first is glycerine and water. This concoction is my warm-weather staple for zapping my hair with a dose of moisture quick, and in a hurry.

Spray Bottle

The second spray bottle has in my leave-in spray conditioner. This concoction is really an all-in-one. It has water, glycerine, leave-in conditioner, oil (varies), and essential oil (usually peppermint).

This is the refresher I use to keep my hair happy when it is smiling to the sun.

Corn Rows and Puff


What makes it into your warm-weather arsenal?


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One of my favorite things is to look on YouTube at the variety of hair styles women come up with. Okay, it isn’t a “fun” thing, it’s more of a necessity! I love my hair, but a lot of times I am just not that creative to do something that makes myself happy.

Another hindrance is that I am not great at braiding and twisting. I get the concepts, and I have done a little bit (especially on my mannequin), but I have a ways to go. The part that gives me the most trouble is parting my hair :twisted: !

Anyways, the point of the website is that I am on my way! So, struggling through these styling hiccups is a part of the journey.

I decided to try a hairstyle I saw on YouTube by MzBeautifulBarnes. Honestly, I was a bit adventurous in trying the style, but I really liked it and thought I could work through it slowly.


I didn’t get everything right: My parting really needs a lot of work, and I didn’t consider what it would take to make my twists all equal in size. You can see in the second picture above, that the twists in the back are fatter than the ones in the front. I did go through and separate some into smaller twists. Lesson definitely learned.

The thing I liked about the style was that I could leave all the twists down on the side, or I could pin them all up. You can keep it versatile! I decided to do half and half the next day.


All in all, it wasn’t too bad for a first try. I will definitely do it again! I kept it in for about a week.

Do you have trouble parting when doing your own hair?

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